A shed next to the Lasumiła path

49°15'41"N 22°17'48"E (49.261642, 22.296867)

Nearby Jabłonki there is very interesting tourist attraction - Lasumiła - i.e. the thickest fir in Poland. To get there, when driving from Baligród just before the bridge in Jabłonki turn left. A signpost was placed there. Next, after a few kilometers we get to the place where is a large shelter and a set of ponds.

The shelter was built by the Baligród Forest Inspectorate and it is quite big size. Built of wood, it can accommodate about 30 people. Under the roof, there are several benches and tables on the spread gravel. There is also a large furnace where you can cook soup or boil water in a kettle, next to it there is a supply of firewood. Next to the shelter there is a bonfire place. The shed is picturesquely situated, surrounded by forest and meadows, right above the ponds that function as a retention and fire reservoir. From this place marked path to Lasumiła starts.

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