Lasumiła - the thickest fir in Poland

49°14'51"N 22°18'01"E (49.247711, 22.300344)

Lasumiła – it is the name of the thickest fir in Poland, which grows in the Łopiennik massif in the Jabłonki forestry area of the Baligród Forest Inspectorate. It has 519 cm in circumference, 165 cm in breast diameter (diameter at a height of 130 cm) and 35 m height. Until 2013, the thickest one was fir growing near Pszczeliny village but it was blew down by the wind. This one was a few meters higher, but slightly thinner. After finding a specimen from Łopiennik, a competition to find name for it was announced. The name Lasumiła was chosen out of 282 submitted proposals. On 28th of June 2014 a solemn baptism together with the participation of the originator of the name took place. On the same day, a marked path leading to the tree was opened. To get there, in Jabłonki turn onto a gravel road where is the "greeting" signpost with the direction of passage. After a few kilometers driving a car we will reach a picturesque shed by the ponds and a bit behind this shed we can park in a fairly large parking lot. From this place, it is about 1 km to the fir.

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