The monument dedicated to the defenders of Cisna and surrounding

, 38-607 Cisna
49°12'41"N 22°19'39"E (49.211517, 22.327717)

In the Cisna center, on a small hill called Betlejemka or Kamionka, is a monument "Monument to the defenders of Cisna and the surrounding areas". In 1945 there was a Citizens' Militia station on this hill. The station was moved to this place after destruction of the previous one, which was situated in the place of present school. The new post was attacked few times by the divisions of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. On 11th of January 1946 another UPA divisions’ attack took place: "Bira" and "Chrina" which, among others set fire to the school, manor house and few farms, as a result of which four persons family died. In the same time UPA also wanted to conquer the MO outpost in Betlejemka, which was defended by 9 militiamen. The fight lasted 10 hours, and then on the morning of 12th of January 1946 Banderites ceased attacking the post losing 27 people. The militiamen, who did not receive the support also left the post, which the Banderites blew up. In place of the former outpost a monument was erected. These are stone blocks, on the walls of which images of fighting soldiers and militiamen were placed, as well as the names of the places where the UPA fights took place. Around the monument, the fortifications made of wood and soil in which the Polish crew of Cisna resisted the attacks of Ukrainians were reconstructed. Next to the monument is the red Main Beskids Trail.

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