The Sheppard’s hut under Hon Peak in Cisna

PTTK Sheppard’s hut under Hon peak is located next to the red Main Beskids Trail leading from Wołosań to Duże Jasło. It is situated at the height of 663 m. a.s.l. just above Cisna, on the south-eastern slope of the Hon peak. The Shepherd's hut was established in 1986 according to the design of Edward Moskała. He created the idea of qualified tourism mountain shelters, built according to one project only - a highlander-style house. In the Bieszczady, identical hostels were established in Jaworzec and Pod Mała Rawką. The hostel is year-round, with 47 beds in double, triple and dorm rooms with shared sanitary facilities. There is a possibility to buy meals in the form of breakfast and dinner on site. On the ground floor there is a public room - dining room. The Sheppard’s Hut is located in a picturesque place, in a forest clearing from where there are views of Cisna and the surrounding mountains. Next to it are benches, a place for a bonfire and a camping site.

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