The monument commemorating the helicopter crash

49°12'15"N 22°20'00"E (49.204233, 22.333433)

Following the red Main Beskids Trail from Cisna to Jasło we will come across an obelisk commemorating the plane crash. In January 1991, television material for the program "Magazyn Kryminalny 997" was shot nearby Cisna. The material was related the matter of finding the woman’s corpse near Dołżyca The victim was involved in currency trading in Rzeszów. On 10th of January the Mi-8 helicopter from the 103rd Air Regiment of the Vistula Military Units of the Ministry of the Internal affairs crashed in the forest nearby Cisna. 10 people died then – police officers and one civilian employee. When it happened, the television crew was on the ground, because the flight served to shoot shots from the helicopter flight - which is why the entire catastrophe was recorded, while all previously filmed material was destroyed during the crash. After that, the whole crew was to fly to Rzeszów.

The obelisk where the board with the names of people who died, as well as metal parts from the wrecked helicopter, was erected exactly at the crash site in 1992.

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