The Earthwork of the Bar Confederates on the Przełęcz nad Roztokami

The Przełęcz nad Roztokami is located on the Polish-Slovakian border (until 1945 with Hungary) nearby Roztoki Górne between the peaks of Rypi Wierch and Okrąglik. In 2018 in the proximity of the Pass, the Cisna Forest District opened a new historical path "Bar Confederates' earthwork", consisting of 11 stops, which squares with the blue border trail. The opening of the path coincided with the 250th anniversary of the Bar Confederation and the 100th anniversary of regaining independence. The Earthwork by Roztoki is the remnant of a typical, 18th-century defensive fortification. The fortifications stretch over of about 300 m and it is the highest-situated structure of this type in Poland, as it is on the height of 908 m. It is also Cisna, the Bar Confederates' earthwork, the Przełęcz nad Roztokami one of the largest facility of this type, as its area covers 2 ha and even several hundred soldiers could be stationed in the earthwork. Three anti-tank cannon stations, anti-tank escarpment and traces of infantry positions and shelters have survived on the Pass.

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