, 38-600 Lesko
49°28'09"N 22°19'47"E (49.469364, 22.329881)

Lesko is one of the three cities situated in Bieszczady and also the seat of the Lesko commune and Lesko district. Situated on the San River in the Sanocko-Turczańskie Mountains. It is inhabited by about 5500 inhabitants.

The settlement in Lesko area was probably founded in the 14th century, the first information of it comes from 1436. The name Lesko may come from the name Lestek, the second Polan prince of the Piast dynasty. Around 1470 Lesko received city rights granted by the Kmita family who granted to the city Szreniawa coat of arms and the Maltese cross. The next owners of Lesko were Stadniccy family and Krasiccy family.

The castle built by the Kmita family  dated 16th century is among the monuments of Lesko. At present, it is a holiday resort. The Church of Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary erected around 1530 with the burial vault of Franciszek Pulaski.

Until the outbreak of the World War II, the Jews were more than half of the inhabitants. During the war, Germans established in the city a ghetto, from which they transported Jews farther, to the labor camp in Zasław and Bełżec. To this day, the synagogue building (without equipment) and the largest kirkut (Jewish cemetery) in Bieszczady (about 2,000 matzevot) have survived in the city.

A green trail from Zagórz leads runs through the city towards Zwierzyń.

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