The springs of mineral water in Lesko

Źródlana , 38-600 Lesko
49°28'22"N 22°20'33"E (49.473022, 22.342689)

Lesko has spa traditions dating back the time before the outbreak of the World War II. Even then there was a spa object here and even a small natural therapy center was established. At that time it was one of the biggest attractions in the city, there were benches and tables - this place was visited by many vacationers. Sulphide water from 14 sources was accessed to spa. Six springs are in the form of timber wells. In 1936, the first spa infrastructure was created – the drinking room, shower cabins and even a music pavilion were established. The springs were named after people who deserved to Lesko: Jadwiga, Józef, Julian, Mieczysław, Antoni, Marian. The sources had been examined and it turned out that one of them contains a large amount of sulfur and carbonates of alkali salts and potassium and has great healing features for kidney diseases. The Provincial Office in Lviv was interested in this place, as they wanted Lesko to become a new spa in the Polish Carpathians.

At present, the remnants of the old devices are the timber wells of six  springs, the figurine of the Mother of God with the inscription "Healing the sick", a memorial stone placed after death of Marshal Józef Piłsudski and  a stone table   with a chessboard.

The green trail runs from Źródlana street from Lesko to Zwierzyń.

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