Kamień Leski in Glinne

, 38-600 Glinne
49°28'04"N 22°21'24"E (49.467806, 22.356806)

Kamień Leski is a rock formation situated just off the main road in Glinne locality and also on the green trail route from Lesko to Zwierzyń. It is a monument of inanimate nature constructed of coarse Krosno sandstone, which is hard and resistant to weathering. It owes its characteristic appearance to erosion and also to a man, because stone was obtained at its foot. The main outcrop is over 20 m high. Kamień Leski often appears in the literature. Oskar Kolberg in his 3-volume ethnographic work "Sanockie-Krośnieńskie" describes this rock outcrop. Aleksander Fredro also mentioned it in the "Trzy po Trzy" diary. In 1974 fragment of this diary the PTTK "Bieszczady" Branch in Lesko fixed on a commemorative board and laid it on a Kamień. Many legends were created around the Kamień about how the devil was carrying a townsman in his claws but the cock crowed and fell in the place where the outcrop is or about a disobedient girl turned into a stone. KamieńLeski is also used for climbing - several roads have been marked and described.

A green trail runs from Lesko towards Zwierzyń.

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