The Bieszczady School of Craft in Uherce Mineralne

Uherce Mineralne 137, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne
49°27'41"N 22°24'09"E (49.461519, 22.402675)

The Bieszczady School of Craft is located in the building of a former school  dated the beginning of the 20th century in Uherce Mineralne. It is the one of a kind interactive and modern museum conducting workshops of dying professions, such as making pots, calligraphy and baking traditional proziaki, which are the rolls based on soda i.e. "prozy". The school covers an area of 400 m2, where the process of studying new crafts is supported by interactive - modern technological solutions. In the attic - in the former teacher's apartment is a class - a modern audiovisual room, in which participants move back in time and learn the history of this place and dying professions. On the ground floor there are other rooms - office, bakery, calligraphy class and pottery. During the workshops - classes, every participant will do the task on its own - bake a proziak, write a postcard with a beautiful writing style from the School and create something out of clay. In each class there are applications that can help check the knowledge of the region, send an electronic postcard with the greetings to loved ones, photoplasticons, live photos, 3d window and a barrel of laughter.

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