The Church of St. Stanislaus Bishop in Uherce Mineralne

Uherce Mineralne 155, 38-623 Uherce Mineralne
49°27'40"N 22°24'20"E (49.461261, 22.405561)

The Church of St. Stanislaus Bishop in Uherce Mineralne is a unique example of late Baroque architecture and a sacred complex made of brick in the Sanok land. It is located in the western part of the locality. The church was funded in 1745 by the owner of the village Józef Malicki, who later became a castellan of Sanok. It was a wooden construction that existed for only a dozen years. In its place, a temple made of brick was built in 1754-1757, funded by the Przemyśl Canon Jakub Jaworski. The church was probably designed by Silesian architect Gottfried Hoffman.

The whole facility is surrounded by a 2-meter fence made of stone formed on a rectangular plan, in which the shooting holes are preserved. In the center of the temple’s symmetry axis, in the fence line, the belfry is situated, in which is the historic "Ave Maria" bell, with a diameter of 60 cm, weight 115 kg from 1752. There are three entrance gates in the fence, and around the church a few stone tombstones have preserved. The church consists of a single-span, square presbytery closed with a semicircular, wider, two-span nave on a rectangular projection and a rectangular porch added to the nave from the south. The church is built of brick, plastered and the roofs are covered with sheet metal. Inside, the equipment dated the second half of the 18th century has preserved, among others main altar with a painting presenting St. Stanislaus Bishop, two side altars made by Lviv’s artist Marcin Stroiński, which in 1901 were repainted by the painter Jan Tabiński, the pulpit and stucco ornaments.

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