The Ecumenical Culture Center in Myczkowce

The Ecumenical Culture Center established in the Caritas center of the Rzeszów Diocese in Myczkowce on the initiative of the director of the Facility - Bogdan Janik and was opened on 16th of October 2007. This place was dedicated to Pope John Paul II who was great promoter of ecumenism. Entering through the gate, there is an inscription above it: "Let there be love above all." The center occupies an area of 0.8 ha, where on 10 heaped hills 140 mock-ups were placed on a scale of 1:25 of the oldest wooden Roman Catholic churches, Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches from the area of south-eastern Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Individual hills reflect the construction of individual ethnographic groups that once inhabited these areas, namely: Pogorzans, Zamieszańcy, Lemkos, Slovakian Lemkos, Polish-Russian Group, Dolinianie, Mixed terrain, Boykos and Ukrainian Boykos. Mock-ups were built by a team of people led by Janusz Kulig from Chmielnik nearby Rzeszów, while the terrain architecture was prepared by Norbert Piekarski from Blizne. Near the mock-ups, the vegetation very similar to the original one was planted, and Orthodox church music and recordings of the Pope's sermons come from the speakers.

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