The water dam in Myczkowce

, 38-623 Myczkowce
49°25'52"N 22°24'30"E (49.431114, 22.408472)

The water dam in Myczkowce was built in 1955-1960. It was a kind of testing ground before the construction of a huge complex in Solina. The designers of the dam took advantage of the natural terrain, because they noticed that in this place the San River makes a huge arc around the Grodzisko mountain and at some point approaches on both sides of the mountain for a distance of about 300 m, but San in Myczkowce is 7 m higher than on the other side in Zwierzyń. That is why, a 4 m diameter tunnel was pierced under the Grodzisko arm and water was let in, which flows naturally on two 8.3 MW turbines. The dam itself is 430 m long and 23 m high. On one side we have Lake Myczkowieckie and on the other due to the fact that practically all the water flows through an adit under the mountain - the so-called dead riverbed of San. The dam itself is a big tourist attraction in the Bieszczady Mountains. You can reach it using the green trail from Lesko towards Myczków.

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