The Nature Reserve by the Myczkowieckie Lake

49°24'50"N 22°25'16"E (49.414, 22.42125)

The Nature Reserve by the Myczkowieckie Lake it was created in 2003 on the area of 164.17 ha within three cities: Bereźnica Niżna, Myczkowce and Solina, in the commune of Solina, Lesko district. It is located on the left bank of the Lake in the Berdo Mountain Range (577 m a. s. l.). On the other side of the lake, the Koziniec Range is slightly shorter (521 m a. s. l.). The Nature reserve stretches from a height of about 360 m up to a height of 577 m  so it covers two floors of vegetation - the foothills and the lower subalpine forest.

In the park, oak-hornbeam forests change into fertile Carpathian beech forests, there are also fragments of mountain sycamore. 230 plant species, including 28 protected, were recorded in the reserve. There are, for example hart’s tongue, epipactis helleborine and purpurata, aconitum moldavicum, aposerisfoetida, wild garlic and many others. Heat-loving plants appear on the exposed Berda rocks, such as campanula persicifolia, white swallow-wort, common agrimony, orpine and others.

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