The Myczkowieckie Lake

The Myczkowieckie Lake it is an artificial reservoir built after the construction of a dam in Myczkowce on the San river. In the 1920s the first works on the construction of the dam were carried out, but the final works were completed in 1955-1960. An earthfill dam was constructed, which is 386 m long and 17.5 m high. From the other side, the lake is closed by the dam at Solina constructed between 1960-1968, which is the largest dam in Poland and is 664 m long and 82 m high. Between them there is Lake Myczkowieckie. It is so called 24 hour buffer vessel for the Solina Reservoir. The lake is 7 km long, covers an area of about 2 km2 and has a capacity of 11 million m3. The average depth of the lake is about 5 m. Bathing here is prohibited, because there are large fluctuations of level and temperature of the water - the water entering from the bottom of the Solina reservoir is about 5 degrees cooler than in Solina itself. The reservoir rarely freezes in winter and is a paradise for birds, especially for swans, which are quite a lot here.

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