The Koziniec Nature Reserve

49°25'27"N 22°25'35"E (49.424444, 22.426389)

The Koziniec Mountain is located in the Solina commune east of the Lake Myczkowieckie. This is a quite long ridge, which is 522 m. a.s.l. at the highest point. On the north-west and southern slopes there is the Koziniec Forest Nature Reserve, which was established in 2004 and covers 28.76 ha of area. The aim of creating the reserve is to protect steep, forested slope of the mountain, which in some places changes into rocky cliffs with outcrops and exposures of sandstones and shales of Krosno layers covered with oak-hornbeam forest with fragments of sycamore, rare species of plants and patches of xerothermic communities. The peculiarity of the reserve is the occurrence of the sileneitalica plant, which can be meet mostly in Pieniny. Additionally orchids: Cephalanthera damasonium, broad-leaved helleborine, listeria owata and also aposeris and moldavian aconite grow here. On the southeast slope of Koziniec there is inactive quarry belonging to the Bóbrka village. One can observe here interesting geological outcrops. The excavation itself is about 300 m long and 90 m wide. Raw materials to build a Solina dam were used to collected from here. The exploitation was completed in the 70s of the 20th century. At the top of the quarry there is a viewpoint on Lakes Myczkowieckie and Solińskie. A green and blue tourist trail runs through Koziniec.

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