The serfdom Chapel in Bóbrka

, 38-623 Bóbrka
49°24'56"N 22°26'40"E (49.415567, 22.444656)

At the foot of the Koziniec quarry in Bóbrka, close by the road leading to Myczkowce there is one of the oldest chapel in the region. By the local people it is described as an "offended chapel" beacuse it stands back to the road. It dates back to 1848 and it is so-called the  serfdom chapel under which the peasants buried the books of their duties to the manor. It also became a reason for so-called lesko uprisig in 1932, when the expansion of the road took place. The necessity to move the chapel appeared then. Among the peasants a rumor appeared that the lords were rediscovering the books of duty to restore the feudal service. Armed peasants rushed against officials and workers but the riots were soon suppressed, the peasants arrested and this became the reason of the uprising outbreak, which took place from 21st of June to 9th of July 1932. However, it was not approved to move the chapel and therefore the road is now running beyond it.

The icon of the Virgin Mary in a performance called the Amusement, authored by Leon Chrapko – an artist from Bóbrki is inside. Next to them are benches and tables.

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