The Museum of Boyko Culture in Myczków

Myczków 46, 38-610 Polańczyk
49°22'47"N 22°24'45"E (49.379953, 22.412753)

The Museum of Boyko Culture in Myczków was created on the initiative of Stanisław Drozd – a history teacher who began collecting souvenirs and objects related to Boyko culture starting from the 1970s. This is an ethnographic group of Russian highlanders who lived in the area from Wysoki Dział in the Bieszczady Mountains on the west to the Łomnica Valley in Gorgany, Ukraine. During the Vistula Operation in 1947 Boykos were displaced from our land. Visiting the museum, guests start by watching a documentary about old Boykos, and later they can watch extensive collection. Among them there are prevail former agricultural and domestic appliances, folk crafts, furniture, dishes and traditional fabrics. Collected outfits are precious, both everyday outfits, made of linen or hemp canvas, as well as festive, beautifully decorated with cross-stitch embroidery. There are also liturgical vessels from the former Orthodox churches, fragments of iconostasis or crosses. Very precious are documents, photographs, messages, manuscripts. In the basement of the museum there is a gallery of Bieszczady Mountains handcrafters and a café where you can enjoy the Boykos coffee. The museum is located at the green trail.

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