, 38-610 Polańczyk
49°22'10"N 22°25'15"E

Polańczyk is located on the west bank of Solina Lake, in the Solina commune. The spa part is situated on a long headland, surrounded with water from three sides, while the part where the permanent inhabitants live is located above. Since 1974 under the Law on Health Resorts, Polańczyk was acknowledged as a town having conditions for spa treatment, so that treatment facilities could be run here. In 1999, Polańczyk was acknowledged as a spa, due to the mineral water springs located here. Three levels of water were detected in Krosno’s sandstones from the Oligocene period: hydrogen-carbonate-chloride-sodium water, hydrochloric-hydrocarbon-sodium and iodine waters. Treatment is also supported by clean, mountain air. Respiratory and urinary diseases and female diseases are treated here. Approximately 1200 accommodation places are available for patients in Polańczyk. Additionally, there are a lot of private accommodation, guesthouses and resorts. The main monument of Polańczyk is made of brick Orthodox Church of Saint Martyr of Paraskiewii and now it is the Church - the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Beautiful Love, where is an icon of Our Lady of Łopieńska famous for its grace.

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