49°17'03"N 22°22'14"E (49.284325, 22.370633)

Korabia, sometimes also called Patryja, it is a peak in the Western Bieszczady Mountains, in the Łopiennik and Durna range with a height of 894 m.

The mountain is inconspicuous, almost completely forested – except for meadows in the area of Hyrcza Pass with the view to the old Tyskowa village and peak parts. The northern border of Cisna - Wetlina Landscape Park passes through the peak. At its top in 2014 Baligród Forestry Management built a 6-meter observation tower. It offers a picturesque panorama of Lake Solińskie, the Otryt range, the mountain pastures and other mountains. A drew panorama together with the description and boards describing Korbania's natural values are installed on the tower. A wooden hut which can be closed and where you can shelter in the rain and even stay overnight was also built. In addition, there is a campfire place, tables-benches and a triangulation pillar.

A few variants of getting to the top were marked. One can go the green trail from Bukowiec and the red one in the form of loop also from Bukowiec.

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