The Orthodox Church of Saint Martyr Paraskewii in Łopienka

49°15'47"N 22°22'09"E (49.263056, 22.369167)

Łopienka is the name of village not-exist today, located on the slopes of Korbania, Jam and Łopiennik. Only the Orthodox church has survived after the village to this day. The date of construction of the Orthodox church is not exactly known, but it could be constructed in the 19th century. According to local tradition, only a chapel made of brick was erected in the 18th century to place the icon of the Virgin Mary in it, and after that the Orthodox church was built onto it.

The temple is built of rough stone, orientated and tripartite. Instead of iconostasis there is the main altar with a miraculous painting of Our Lady. According to legend, the painting was found by a deaf girl in an old lime and at the sight of the Virgin Mary she shouted "Mom", which is why the painting was considered as miraculous. Then the great Marian cult in Łopienka began, where for more than 200 years thousands of penitents and pilgrims of both Christian rites (latin and uniate) came from distant parts of Poland, Hungary and Russia, and during the Partition period from almost whole Galicia and Hungary. The famous church fairs took place three times a year on feasts 16.05., 13.08. and 21.09. After the World War II, the next church faire took place only in 2000. Previously, the Orthodox church fell into ruin, until Olgierd Łotoczko - an art historian and student activist tourist began the work of rebuilding this place. After his death, Zbigniew Kaszuba took over the initiative. At present, the Orthodox church has a new tin roof, windows with stained glass works, a wooden ceiling and is plastered in white. The original icon was transferred to Polańczyk, whereas a copy of the icon was placed in Łopienka in the altar. Inside there is a figure of the "Bieszczady’s Christ". Rebuilt tomb chapel from the 19th century and reconstructed bell tower are just next to the Orthodox church. The Orthodox church is open all year round and can be visited at any time of the day.

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