The Sine Wiry Nature Reserve

49°15'39"N 22°25'54"E (49.261111, 22.431667)

The Sine Wiry Nature Reserve was established in 1987 and covers an area of 450 ha. Situated in the former villages of Zawój, Polanki and Łuh. One can get to the Reserve from Polanki direction, leaving the car e.g. in the parking lot heading to Łopienka or the road from Jaworzec can be used. The Nature Reserve covers a 7-kilometer water gap section of the Wetlina River. The name of the Nature Reserve comes from the fact that there are five wading places and five depths in the area, previously called vortexes. The former inhabitants called each of these vortexes, for example, in the case of the deepest of them - "grey-blue vortex", because the water falling from the cascade resembled grey-blue color.

Nearly 90% of the Nature Reserve's area is covered by forests, mainly Carpathian beechmast but also fragments of firry forests and Carpathian sycamore. Among the plants there are, to name just a few, a clove aggregated (dianthus compactus), eastern Carpathian aconite and a European scopolia. Forests are inhabited by wolves, bears and lynx. In 1980, after heavy rains, the slopes of Połoma slided, dividing Wetlina and Emerald Lake (about 1 ha of area) was created. The name was given to it by tourists, due to the color of the water. Unfortunately, it has been slimmed and now it is practically invisible.

Through the Nature Reserve runs a natural path with information boards, maps, resting places including a shelter, place for a bonfire and also bike racks.

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