The PTTK Mountain shed in Jaworzec

Jaworzec 1, 38-608 Wetlina
49°13'19"N 22°26'31"E (49.222008, 22.441978)

Jaworzec is an old village,completely displaced during the Operation Vistula in 1947 and its buildings were destroyed.  Through Jaworzec passes the black trail from Dołżyca towards Krysów peak and Orłowicz Pass

At the trail there is a PTTK mountain shedr. Situated at an altitude of 605 m. It was established in the years 1975-1976 as part of the action of building similar objects in the Polish mountains, initiated by Edward Moskała and it is the third object of this kind in the order of establishing. Moskała built mountain shed similar to Tatras’ ones and called them bacówki (shepherd’s huts), that is why the full name of this object is Bacówka in Jaworzec. Inthe Bieszczady there are three objects of this type: at Jaworzec, near Mała Rawka and under Hon peak.

The shed has quite Spartan conditions but is situated in a clearing among the trees, not far from the Wetlinka River and in one of the darkest places in Europe. To the shed itself is not possible to get by car, the car should be left in the parking lot 10 min. before. At the disposal of tourists on site are 29 beds and additionally 16 beds in summer time in a separate building, bathroom, toilets, buffet, campsite, bonfire area, children's playground. Hot water due to limited potential is available only in the evening. Numerous tourist concerts take place in the shed.

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