“Na Opalonym” Nature Reserve

49°34'18"N 22°35'14"E (49.571667, 22.5875)

“Na Opalonym” forest reserve was founded in 1996 on the territory of Wojtkowa and Wojtkówka locality in the Ustrzyki Dolne commune. It is located at Braniowa Range, on the northwest slope of Na Opalonym massif (570 m. a.s.l. ) and covers an area of 217.13 ha. The Reserve was set up to protect the natural collection of Carpathian beechmast growing on the slope intersected by numerous streams, the most important of which is Turczański Stream and the left tributary of Mszańca. The old sycamore-beech-fir grow forest is in the age from 105 to 133 years old, with a number of trees with dimensions from 300 to 450 cm perimeter in the breast high diameter. The forest of a backwoods character is the nesting place for many birds, including black stork, puffer and lesser spotted eagle.

The Reserve is located in the Słonne Mountains Landscape Park. The advantage of inanimate nature in this area is presence of salt sources with a chemical composition similar to the sources in Iwonicz and Rymanów.

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