The trees of Podworski Park in Jureczkowa

, 38-712 Jureczkowa
49°32'38"N 22°34'55"E (49.544028, 22.582083)

Going down the blue trail from Chwaniowa Range in Jureczkowa, we come across parallel marked out dendrological and educational path after the former manor park. The path is marked with 8 stop boards, each with a description. Within this path is a designated place for a bonfire, benches and trash cans.

The path was marked out in the area after the former manor park of Nowosielscy family and later Korwin family. On a hill called Dworze or Dworzyszcze until 1945 was a manor together with the economic center but it was burned by UPA after the World War II. Till today, the park designed on a plan similar to rectangle has survived. From the old design still visible is an entrance road, a bridge on the Wiar River and a soil platform with the remnants of fortifications – bunds and soil outposts. Next to it one can see the floodbanks, 3 overgrown ponds and a water canal. In the park grow many old trees with monumental dimensions. These are: linden, oaks, beech, Douglas trees, larch, yews, Turkish hazels, white pines. Common oaks, European larch, sycamore maple, fir, spruces, and alien species: preserved galley from the white cedar, giant cedar (220 cm) and oriental bittersweet are also magnificent. The presence of about 120 species of plants, including those protected by strict protection such as blast-type bulldozer, common ivy, snowdrops and partial protection of the true oxlip, woodruff, European wild ginger was notified in the park. The park is inhabited by many species of birds: nuthatch, starling, brown owl, woodpecker, blackbird, lesser spotted eagle, whitethroat, river warbler, as well as a brown owl and long-eared owl.

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