The oil mine in Łodynia

, 38-700 Łodyna
49°28'46"N 22°35'54"E (49.479467, 22.598519)

Łodynia is a small village located at the foot of Kamienna Laworta in the Słonne Mountains. The 19th century is the period of the expansion of oil mining in the Bieszczady. Many mines were built then, and the first was a mine in Łodynia, which was founded in 1860. The countryside and the surrounding area was rich in natural oil spills that were applied in natural medicine. Raw material accumulated shallowly under the surface of the ground, creating a so-called sources. Local people used oil for a number of maintenance works, e.g. lubrication of the cart's axles. The mine in Łodynia was growing very resiliently – in the 80s of the 19th century a new method of drilling was introduced, so-called Canadian method. When the World War I started, mining ceased, then the State took over the mine but the outbreak of World War II irrevocably ended its glory.

Today, the mine still operates. 35 wells are active, paraffin oil is extracted from them. Average extraction equals 7 tons and 1600 m3 of natural gas per day. Since establishing the mine, the methods of extraction have changed a little, many devices (so-called pumpjacks) probably remember pre-war times, other mining devices are already modern. The mine can be visited without any difficulties, because the road from Łodynia to Wańkowa passes through its area. There is also a hiking trail and information boards are placed there.

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