The Church dedicated of the Elevation of the Holy Cross in Czarna

Czarna Górna 110, 38-710 Czarna
49°19'35"N 22°39'59"E

Nowadays Czarna is a large village located at the junction of Large and Small Bieszczady Ring Road, between Ustrzyki Dolne and Lutowiska. Former Greek Catholic Church of the St. Great Martyr Dymitr and currently the Roman Catholic church is located on a small hill just next to the main road. The present wooden church was built in 1834 on the place of the previous one, mentioned in 1795. It is an oriented temple, a log frame structure, vertically clapboarded with boards, the roof is covered with sheet metal. Characteristic feature of the building is the classicist facade with a portico topped with a triangular peak, which is based on 6 made of wood Doric columns. This is an example of the Latinization of the temple. Inside of the church is original iconostasis from 1882, incomplete though – the 17th century Tsarist gate is now in the Museum of Folk Construction in Sanok while the feretory (19th century) and the statue of Mother of God (19th century) are in the museum in Łańcut. On the altar’s sides are sculptures brought by displaced persons from Sokal. By the church there is a wooden bell tower from the 20th century with a bell from 1886. Several old gravestones have also survived.

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