49°14'27"N 22°38'17"E (49.241089, 22.638317)

Otryt is the name of a long, about 20 km range, which stretches from Rajskie at Solina Lake to Smolnik near Lutowiska. This range is sometimes classified as the Sanocko-Turczańskie Mountains, because on the southern side of the range flows the River San, which disembogues beyond the geographical Bieszczady Mountains border. The highest culmination is Trohaniec, which is 939 m.a.s.l. and rises above the Smolnik itself. Blue border trail from Dwernik runs for half of the range, after that, in the nearby distance from Hulskie peak it turns north to Polana. The band is completely forested, there are no observation glades, but because of its wildness it is numerously inhabited by the largest Bieszczady predators – bears. The “Stefan Myczkowski Hulskie” Nature reserve is located on the southern slopes of the range. The goal of this Nature reserve is to protect the beech and fir-beech forest and one of the largest clusters of fauna in the Bieszczady. At Otryt we can also meet Aesculapius – one of the least frequented snakes in Poland.

A student’s mountain shelter called The Sociologist’s Cottage operates on the Otryt ridge, in the place where before the war was the Otryt Górny hamlet. From that place the green trail leads to Lutowiska.

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