The Sociologist's Cottage

Otryt Górny 1, 38-713 Lutowiska
49°14'28"N 22°38'11"E

The Sociologist's Cottage is a small mountain shelter located on the ridge of the Otryt range at an altitude of 894 m. a.s.l.  The administrator of the cottage is the "Otrycki Club" Association gathering its lovers and denizens. The first cottage was built in 1973 by students gathered mainly around the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw, hence the name of the shelter. The present one was constructed in 2005 after a fire in 2003.

The new facility looks almost identical as the previous one. The cottage in dormitories on the bunks can accommodate about 30 people. The property has Spartan conditions, as till today there is no electricity, shop or service (except for one person looking after the shelter). On the ground floor there is a big fireplace room, which also serves as a dining room and a common room, as well as a kitchen with a stove and all the necessary equipment, such as pots, dishes, cups, cutlery, etc. The sleeping rooms are on the next floors. Outside, nearby the cottage are two water intakes and an "ecological bath" and a congruent toilet. To light the cottage candles are used. Every tourist takes part in the daily works, carries water, chops wood or washes the dishes.

Nice views at Połonina Wetlińska and Smerek stretch from the area of the Cottage. One can get to the Cottage using the blue trail from Dwernik or from Polana side or the green trail from Lutowiska.

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