The Stefan Myczkowski Hulskie Nature Reserve

49°15'20"N 22°33'12"E (49.255833, 22.553528)

On the southern slopes of the wild Otryt range, nearby Hulskie peak (846 m a. s. l.), there is a nature reserve with the same name. The reserve was established in 1983, covers an area of 189.87 ha and was given the name of Stefan Myczkowski - professor, forester and ecologist, lecturer at the Faculty of Forestry of the Agricultural University in Kraków.

The reserve protects a fragment of the Bieszczady forest of primeval character, primarily of beech and fir-beech forests. The reserve’s flora is represented by 300 species, including East- carpathian ones. These are, among others, clove intent, aconite, willow gentian, leopard’s bane and hart's-tongue. The reserve is an important sanctuary of great forest predators like brown bear, wolf, European bison and lynx, which find here great living conditions. Additionally, one can find Carpathian deer or wild boars. Also, one can also find here many species of reptiles, including the extremely rare snake Aesculapius. These are the biggest snakes present in Central Europe, the longest specimen that could be measured in the Bieszczady Mountains was 160 cm long. It is registered in the Polish Red Book of Animals.

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