The Szepit Waterfall

49°12'35"N 22°33'18"E (49.209958, 22.555072)

The Szepit Waterfall is located near Zatwarnica, can be reached by a gravel road, which trail to i.a. DwernikKamień (1004 m a. s. l.) and the historical and natural path around Zatwarnica was led. The waterfall on Hylaty stream is 8 m high and is considered at the highest waterfall in the Bieszczady, although these data relates probably the time before the waterfall was devastated – in the past it was several meters lower but during the construction of the road the army obtained stones from this place, blowing them up, which resulted in that the waterfall reduced and moved slightly up. One can go down to the waterfall using metal stairs, at the end of which is a small terrace for 3-4 people. From here the waterfall can be admired in all its glory. There are also information boards and benches where one can relax. In Hylaty stream several mountain species of fish can be found, including brown trout and brown minnow, as well as traces of otter hunting for them. Since 1998 the waterfall has the status of inanimate nature monument.

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