Dwernik Kamień

Dwernik Kamień, sometimes also called Holica, it is a scenic peak with a height of 1004 m a. s. l. It is an extension of one of the arms departing from Wetlińska Mountain Pasture. The peak is rocky with sandstone outcrops, and the name of the mountain is derived from this. The peak part is under legal protection as a natural monument. Dwarf and twisted beeches from strong winds grow here, as well as larches, birches and blueberries. There is a vast view to the east, south and west. One can see, among others Caryńska and Wetlińska Mountain Pasture, Smerek, Wielka and Mała Rawka, Tarnica, Bukowe Berdo, Magura Stuposiańska, the valley of Caryńskie village and fragments of the Otryt range. On one of the boulders there is a board commemorating the young GOPR candidate - Artur Nowotarski. Well preserved trenches from the World War I are on Dwernik Kamień.

Paths marked by the Forest Inspectorate from Nasiczne as well as from Zatwarnica lead to the top.

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