The San River

49°13'09"N 22°37'55"E (49.219247, 22.631989)

The San River is the biggest river of the Podkarpackie Region. Its sources flow out from the foothills of the Piniaszkowy peak on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Initially, when it is still a small river, it bends strongly between the mountains and forms the Polish-Ukrainian border for 54 km. Then, at Smolnik it turn puts off the border and flows under the Otryt mountain range. In Solina, the San River was partitioned with a dam and Solina Lake was created, followed by another dam in Myczkowce and Lake Myczkowieckie was created. Then it flows through Lesko, Sanok, Dynów, Przemyśl, Jarosław and close to Sandomierz it flows into the Vistula river. Its length is 444 km. The upper section of the river is rich in fish and the section from Zwierzyń to the mouth of the Hoczewka is a special protective fishery. It is a paradise for fly fishermen. Allowed method of fishing is "artificial fly" method and the principle of "catch and release" popularly known as "no kill" applies. In San waters live brown trout, grayling and Danube salmon.

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