The Landscape Park of the San River Valley

The Landscape Park of the San River Valley was established in 1992 and covers an area of 277.28 km2. It is mostly located in Lutowiska commune and in a smaller part in Czarna and Solina communes. The park together with the Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Landscape Park is a buffer zone for the Bieszczady National Park and together they form part of the International Biosphere Reserve "Eastern Carpathians". First of all, the park protects the scenic San Valley from the sources that flow out at the Polish-Ukrainian border from the foothills of the Piniaszkowy peak to the mouth of the Solina Lake. The San Valley was once full of people, but as part of the Operation Vistula in 1947 many villages were displaced and nature entered the area again. The most precious of the Park's elements include mostly natural nature plant communities, rich composition of flora and fauna, occurrence of forest fauna species, high concentrations of species and abundance of rare species of birds and mammals, and strong spatial diversity and high species diversity.

There are 4 reserves in the Park area: the peat bog "Zakole", the landscape "Krywe" (the center of the occurrence of the Aesculapian snake in Poland), the forest " Stefan Myczkowski Hulskie" and the floristic "Śnieżyca wiosenna in Dwernicz".

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