The Shed in Pszczeliny

, 38-713 Pszczeliny
49°10'12"N 22°41'23"E (49.170111, 22.689833)

Driving the Large Bieszczady Ring Road (Duża Obwodnica Bieszczadzka) from Lutowiska, there is a resting place for tourists just at the entrance to Pszczeliny on the left side, by the Wołosate River. There is a shed for guests who can shelter there in the event of bad weather, equipped with benches, a place to light a bonfire, a litter bin, parking lot. This place also serves as so-called green class, a number of educational boards were set here. In this place the "Fir" educational trail begins, leading to 200-year-old fir, which until 2013 was considered the thickest in Poland. Unfortunately, it was blew down by a strong wind and at the moment one can watch the spectacular size of the fallen trunk of the tree. A monumental linden tree grows nearby the shed and a boulder is just at the entrance to the car park, on which during the European Bison Day in 2007 a board commemorating bringing of the first European bison by foresters from the Stuposiany Forest Inspectorate on 30th of October 1963.

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