The Outdoor Museum of Charcoal Burning

The Outdoor Museum of Charcoal Burning is located  at  the road from Stuposiany to Muczne. Smoking retorts in which charcoal is burned was once a characteristic view of the Bieszczady forests. For a few years, it has been getting more and more difficult to see active burning and people who are dirty because of coal, called burners or coalmen. The disappearance of this profession is associated with economics and environmental protection. The Bieszczady was ideal place for burning, because charcoal is obtained from deciduous trees such as beech, hornbeam, oak, alder and birch, and in our forests such trees prevail. Being at the exhibition we will see a charcoal pile, where the oldest coal burning method is shown, as well as a retort - a metal tin that is filled with deciduous trees, set on fire and then burned for about 24 hours. Next to it there is a green hut where burners live, which is why they are sometimes called hut men (budnik). A vat from the former pottasche and boards describing the history and process ofburning coal were also placed here.

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