The European bison farmhouse in Muczne

, 38-713 Muczne
49°08'30"N 22°42'47"E (49.141711, 22.713139)

Demonstrational European bison farmhouse is located at the Stuposiany Forest Inspectorate, by the Stuposiany - Muczne road. European bison were imported to Bieszczady in 1963 to the prepared farmhouse near Bereżki. Following several months of acclimatization, they have been released During this time, more specimens were brought. These were the European bison of the Białowieża-Caucasian line and they gave rise to the lowland-mountainous population that currently occurs in the Bieszczady Mouintains. The European bison farmhouse in Muczne was established in 2012, it covers an area of 7 ha and is situated by Czerwony stream. European bisons were brought here, among others from Switzerland and France to increase the genetic pool of the Bieszczady herd. They had a 5-year quarantine after which in 2017 they were released. Five European bison stay in the farmhouse for life. The offspring born in the farm is registered in the European bison Pedigree Book and have names beginning with the PU letters. Currently in the Bieszczady about 600 European bison live in the wild and it is the largest free living European bison population in Europe.

Two observation decks were built in the yard, from which animals can be observed.

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