The Forestry Promotion Center in Muczne

Muczne 2, 38-713 Lutowiska
49°07'50"N 22°44'46"E (49.130783, 22.746256)

Muczne is a settlement in the Bieszczady district, inhabited by only 40-50 people. From 1977 to 1981 Muczne was called Kazimierzowo, probably in honor of Colonel Kazimierz Doskoczyński, who in Muczne was the commandant of the hunting hotel of the Office of the Council of Ministers, the same as in Arłamów.

The former hotel for hard-currency foreigners has been thoroughly renovated and rebuilt by the State Forests and currently serves for tourists under the name of the Forestry Promotion Center. An exhibition pavilion - a museum - was built next to the hotel, which presents exhibitions of the Bieszczady fauna combined with botanical elements. At exhibitions we can admire, for example, a deer or a European bison in its natural habitat in different seasons. The whole is accompanied by large format photos. The museum is based on modern technologies, tour guides can illuminate specific panels and activate sounds, e.g. voices of particular birds. The exhibition can be visited on one’s own or with a tour guide.

The Forestry Promotion Center is located just at the beginning of the yellow trail to Bukowe Berdo.

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