The Brenzberg forester's lodge

49°07'53"N 22°45'49"E (49.131661, 22.763636)

The Brenzberg forester's lodge is both a natural and historical path and a monument at the site of the crime committed by the UPA band on Polish forestry families. The forester's lodge was situated on the slopes of Jeleniowate. To get there, one need to stop about 1.5 km behind Muczne in a big parking lot and follow the marked trail. At the beginning of the path is an information board referring to this place. Once in the place of the obelisk and cross, which was erected in 2010, was a permanent forester's lodge called Brenzberg. At present, there is a board on which one can read: "Brenzberg forester’s lodge at Jeleniowate (Jasieniów)”. In August 1944, UPA dominated the upper San River. The few Polish self-defenders were powerless. Poles fled by rail to Użhorod, or hid in the forests, including in the Brenzberg forester's lodge at Franciszek Król in Jasieniów". According to the testimony of one of the witnesses, on 18th of August 1944 in the forester's lodge he came across 74 dead bodies. The bodies of men, women and children did not have gunshot wounds but were mutilated by knives and other tools. Taking into consideration their clothes, it appeared that "they were Poles - foresters, railway men, administrators from farms and also treadmills, including two priests". This silent crime - without the use of firearms - was carried out by Ukrainian nationalists.

At the memorial site, in the clearing on the left, there is a fenced pile of stones from the forester's lodge and fragments of the foundation. Once we cross the lane we get to the commemorative stone and cross.

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