49°11'12"N 22°28'45"E (49.186667, 22.479286)

Smerek Mountain, sometimes also called Wysoka, is a peak in the Western Bieszczady Mountains with a height of 1222m a.s.l. . The name comes from the Slovak word for spruce. It has two culminations - the higher one refers to the height of the peak, while at the lower one is a metal cross, which was set here on the initiative of the parish priest of Cisna in 1976 due to 600th anniversary of the Przemyśl Diocese. Placing a cross is often associated with the tragic death of a young tourist who were struck by the lightning in this place. The lower peak is open for tourists.

Smerek is an extension of Połonina Wetlińska, from which Smerek is separated by Orłowicz Pass (1075 m a. s. l.). A very wide panorama stretches from the top. From here, we will see, of course, Połonina Wetlińska, as well as Mała and Wielka Rawka, the border band, the Łopiennik and Durna Ranges, Wysoki Dział with Wołosań, the cities of Smerek and Wetlina, and the Sanocko-Turczańskie Mountains. We can go to the peak with several variants, e.g. the red trail from Kalnica or from Połonina Wetlińska or the yellow trail from Wetlina on the Orłowicz Pass and further using red trail.

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