A shed near the Orłowicz Pass

One of the options to get to Połonina Wetlińska is to go along the yellow trail from Wetlina to the Orłowicz Pass, where it reaches the red Main Beskids Trail and then one can continue hiking at Połonina. There is a rain protection shelter on the trail, where you can take shelter in the event of bad weather as well as rest. The whole shed is made of wood, covered with shingle, referring to the old architecture when the Boyko inhabited these areas. The shed is furnished with benches and a large table. There are also benches and tables outside the shed. The rain protection shelter is located on a flat surface, next to a spruce forest where the yellow trail crosses the horse trail. Therefore, tourists on horseback can also relax here. Parallel to the trail the green nature path "Połonina Wetlińska" from Berehów Górne to Wetlina runs. From the shed to the Orłowicz Pass there is about 20 minutes’ walk. This place is located within the Bieszczady National Park.

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