The Monument to mountain victims and rescuers helping them at Wyżna Pass

49°08'31"N 22°32'52"E (49.142222, 22.547944)

At Wyżna Pass there are two monuments – the first one is a symbolic tombstone of Polish poet Jerzy Harasymowicz and the other one is dedicated to "Victims of the mountains and rescuers helping them". The designer and contractor is Roman Dawidziak - lifeguard of the Bieszczady GOPR Group and monuments restorer from Rzeszów. The monument is a block of sandstone with a cross on its top - a symbol of victory of life over death. The cross is enfolded with snow and ice. The boulder is cracked from the bottom, which refers to the advantage of nature over man's weakness. Additionally, the GOPR emblem and a lifeline are incorporated into the obelisk. The monument was presented on 26th of August 2011.

At the Bieszczady Mountains territory operates one of the seven GOPR regional groups. The number of rescue operations, search expeditions and interventions increase every year, which is the result of an increase number of tourists in the Bieszczady Mountains. Despite the fact that the Bieszczady are relatively low mountains, they are largely forested and sparely populated. At the time of presenting the monument, the number of people who lost their lives here since the beginning of the Group was 99.

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