The Monument of Jerzy Harasymowicz at Wyżna Pass

49°08'32"N 22°32'53"E (49.142261, 22.548228)

At Wyżna Pass the monument dedicated to Jerzy Harasymowicz is just at the entrance to the yellow trail leading to the highest mountain shelter in the Bieszczady Mountains - Chatka Puchatka. the He was considered an avant-garde poet, individualist, he often came to the Bieszczady Mountains, as he was fascinated by the nature and culture of the Boykos people and Lemkos, he wrote beautiful poems. He is the author of the term "land of gentleness" and many of his poems have melodic lines and are popular tourist songs. The poet died in 1999 and his ashes, according to his wish, were scattered over the mountain pastures. The monument which is at Wyżna Pass is in a way his symbolic tombstone. It was designed by Piotr Patoczka, an architect from Kraków and presents two boulders (from the quarry nearby Dukla) fastened with a metal structure in the shape of an Orthodox church dome. A board with a fragment of one of the most popular poems "Everything I love is in the mountains" was placed on the boulder.

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