Wyżna Pass

49°08'29"N 22°32'53"E (49.14155, 22.548117)

Surely Wyżna Pass is the most crowded and recognizable place during the tourist season in the Bieszczady National Park. From here the easiest and fastest trail leads to Połonina Wetlińska and thus to the highest located mountain shelter in the Bieszczady Mountains – Chatka Puchatka runs. Wyżna Pass, which is located at an altitude of 872 m a. s. l. separates Pasmo Działu from Połonina Wetlińska. From the Pass are views to Połonina Caryńska, Szeroki Wierch with Tarnica and “Chatka Puchatka” itself. At night, in turn, it is a perfect place to observe the stars, where with a small pollution of the sky with artificial light one can see up to 7000 stars and the Milky Way with the naked eye. In the summer season, there are star sky shows with specialized equipment. At the Pass itself there is a bar "U Górala", a large parking lot, toilets. Going a bit towards the shelter we will see two monuments: the first one dedicated to Jerzy Harasymowicz and the second one to "Victims of the mountains and rescuers helping them". Next to it there is a small gallery, where you can buy sculptures of the artist who lives there.

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