The Cemetery and the Orthodox Church place in Brzegi Górne

, 38-713 Brzegi Górne
49°08'28"N 22°34'12"E (49.141147, 22.570042)

The first mention of Brzegi Górne comes from 1580. Before the World War II, Berehy had 121 houses that stretched from Wyżniańska Pass to Wyżna Pass. In 1946 all residents were displaced to the USSR and the buildings were destroyed. The old Greek Catholic cemetery and place after the Orthodox church have survived to this day. It is situated by the red trail leading to Połonina Caryńska, surrounded by a fence with an information board at the entrance. Once, there used to be here a wooden Orthodox church of the St. Archangel Michael built in the Boyko style, dated 1897.Only the foundation has survived. There was a cemetery around the church. By the beginning of the 1960s, over 100 gravestones were here. However, most of the gravestones were converted into crushed stone and used to build the ring road. 11 gravestones have survived to the present day. The most characteristic tombstones belong to Hryć Buchwak - a local stonemason. These were sandstone pedestals, topped with wrought iron and decorated with geometric ornaments. He placed three religious symbols on his tombstone: a circle - symbol of unity and perfection, a cross and a cup - symbol of the Eucharist.

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