The Shed on Połoninia Caryńska

49°08'17"N 22°35'02"E (49.138278, 22.584139)

Going to Połonina Caryńska using the red Main Beskids Trail from Ustrzyki Górne, Bieszczadzki National Park provided for tourists a rain protection shelter, where one can not only shelter but also rest. The shed is located at an altitude of about 930 m a. s. l. and going from Ustrzyki Górne, it is about halfway to the lower peak (1230 m a. s. l.). The rain protection shelter is entirely wooden, covered with shingle, referring to the old architecture when the Boyko people inhabited these areas. There are benches and tables. Opposite, among the raspberry bushes, is a wooden shrine with a statue of the Virgin Mary. The figure stands, on its right hand has a rosary wrapped and a lily on the left - a symbol of scouts. It is difficult to spot it, because it is already quite overgrown with bushes.

From this place after about 20 min. of hiking through the forest we can reach the mountain pasture but for the tourist, before reaching the peak, waits a steep ascent.

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