Resting place on the Wyżniańska Pass

49°07'30"N 22°35'30"E (49.125086, 22.591803)

Wyżniańska Pass is located at an altitude of 855 m a. s. l. and separates Połonina Caryńska range from Mała and Wielka Rawka massifs. It lies on the route of the Large Bieszczady Ring Road (Duża Obowodnica Bieszczadzka) between Brzegi Górne and Ustrzyki Górne. It is a place from which the green trail can take you to Mała Rawka and Połonina Caryńska, so there is a checkout point in the Bieszczady National Park. Additionally, there are a big paid parking lot, toilets, benches and tables. A rain protection shelter which looks like a rick - a movable canopy sliding on four poles, under which hay was stored is also available for tourists. When these areas were inhabited by Boykos people before displacement, this type of farm buildings was very popular. Currently, the ricks are still present in the Hutsul region of Ukraine.

From the parking lot on the Pass there is lovely panorama of Połonina Wetlińska and Caryńska, but when you get a little higher heading Bacówka near Mała Rawka, you can additionally have a view on Tarnica mountain and the mountains on the Ukrainian side

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