Bacówka (The Shepherd's Hut) near Mała Rawka

49°07'01"N 22°34'52"E (49.117053, 22.581183)

PTTK shelter near Mała Rawka is located about 900 m from Przełęcz Wyżniańska and the main road runs from Ustrzyki Górne towards Wetlina. Bacówka is built of wood, has 27 beds, toilets and showers, a dining room with a terrace and a buffet serving hot meals, coffee, drinks and sweets. Bacówka has its “twin sisters” in Jaworze and near Honem in Cisna - their construction was initiated by Edward Moskała as part of promoting qualified tourism. The huts were imitating by Zakopane model.

There is a camping site next to Bacówka.. Tourists using it can use all facilities in Bacówka(toilets, showers, dining room, etc.). There are also benches and tables in the immediate vicinity of the hostel. Bacówka is on the green trail leading to Mała Rawka. Due to the fact that a dirt road leads to Bacówka on almost flat terrain, this route is often chosen by elder people and families with small children.

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