Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Rzepedź

, 38-542 Rzepedź
49°04'52"N 22°43'49"E (49.081181, 22.730514)

The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Rzepedź is one of the few former Greek Catholic churches in the region that still belongs to this church. After 1950 it was used by Roman Catholics, but in the 80's it was given back to the resurgent Greek Catholic Church by Przemysl bishop Ignacy Tokarczuk. Today it is a filial temple of the parish in Komancza. 

Parish in Rzepedź was established in the 16th century, most probably simultaneously with the location of the village. The present church was built in 1824, it was renovated in 1896, by changing the structure of the roof. It is a representative of Eastern Lemko architecture, although not necessarily typical. It is distinguished by the fact that in spite of the relatively compact mass of the monument, individual parts of the temple are covered with separate tent roofs, above each of them there is a slender, spherical turret with an apparent lantern, and the largest one is located above the wider nave. On the axis of the temple there is a pole-shaped bell tower, erected simultaneously with the church or slightly older; its roof is also topped with a turret with an apparent lantern.

The interior furnishing is largely original, contemporary to the church. The architectural four-zone iconostasis is not complete, although the additions were made in the late nineteenth century by Josyp Bukowczyk, who is also the author of the church's paintings. One of the elements of polychromy is a depiction of the church in Rzepedź situated on the choir - together with the Greek Catholic cathedral in Przemyśl. 

The church and the churchyard are surrounded by the wall made of fieldstone. In the cemetery, where several stone tombstones have been preserved, Teodor Majkowicz, who was born in Rzepedź, the first Greek Catholic priest ordained after World War II, is buried. In 1996 he became a bishop of the diocese of Wroclaw-Gdansk and died in 1998. Another tombstone of Ivan Warchol (+1927) is connected with a famous Roztocze stonemasonry center in Bruśnie Stary.

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