49°04'29"N 22°43'34"E (49.07475, 22.726342)

Tarnica is the highest peak of the Polish Bieszczady Mountains and at the same time the peak belongs to the Crown of Polish Mountains. Its height is 1346 m. a.s.l. and its name comes from the Romanian word tarnita which means a saddle, a pass. In fact, when getting the peak, first we get to a heavily indented pass, often called the saddle, where the red and blue trail intersect, and then we need to go with the yellow trail for about 15 minutes to get to the top. Tarnica's ridge is slightly elongated, it has two culminations, which are accompanied by rocks and remnants of war trenches. The peak is crowned with approx. 8 meters high cross, which was placed here in memory of stay of Pope John Paul II in the Bieszczady Mountains. The current cross is the third one in history.

The entire peak is fenced, and several benches for ascensionists were set up here. A wide panorama stretches from Tarnica. In addition to the neighboring ranges such as Krzemień, Halicz and Rozsypaniec, you can see from here, among others the highest peak of the entire Bieszczady Mountains, i.e. Pikuj, Ostra Hora, Połonina Równa, the Gorgany,  Tatry and even mountains at the Romanian side.

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